Web Design

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Accessible Design

An accessible web page provides multiple benefits to its owners and users because its content can be properly used by the greatest possible number of users. But there are other important reasons, like improving the positioning of a website in search engines, increasing the number of visits, revaluation of the brand,…etc.

Responsive design

The Responsive and adaptive design allows for the correct display of a website from any device: tablets, smartphones, laptops, ebooks, ... Currently there is a great number of websites that do not have this design, so only sites which have this technology provide users a precise navigation for your website from any device. The great growth of this design is supported by the significant increase of web visits from mobile phones or tablets.

Global design

Many questions arise when you want to optimize a website in several different languages and countries. Answers depend on the requirements and objectives. We help to the internationalization of companies through our international SEO strategies, designs in multiple languages and testing from different parts of the world.

Responsive design for a global world

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